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CrossFit YouthWhat is Crossfit Kids?

CrossFit YouthCrossFit Kids is not simply a scaled down version of CrossFit, it is entirely, absolutely CrossFit geared and designed for a special population and the specific developmental needs of that population.  Since Late 2004 CrossFit Kids has been Forging The Future Of Fitness and is currently in over 400 gyms in North America, Australia, Europe, Africa, India, Japan and Panama. CrossFit Kids is a strength and conditioning program that is specifically designed for kids and teenagers and helps them develop a lifelong love of fitness.  In a group setting, children and teens participate in fun and engaging workouts that deliver measurable results and prepare them to be well-rounded athletes.

CrossFit Kids workouts consist of constantly varied, functional movements that deliver a fitness that is broad, inclusive and general and scalable for any participant at any level.  This means that, for the most part, no two workouts are the same, so kids and teens never get bored and the novelty of each workout keeps them excited about participating.  The functional movements involve exercises that are fundamental to all things that kids need to do when they play-pull, push,run, throw, climb, lift and jump.  Our workouts will increase physical competence in 10 fitness domains: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.

Kids Program – Ages 5-9

Mondays and Wednesdays from 3.35 – 4.20 PM (45 Minutes)

Cost: $100 per month, $15 per drop-in class

Crossfit KidsCrossFit kids classes are fun! We play a game to warm-up, teach a skill such as the squat or push-up, and then perform the Workout of the Day, incorporating our recent skills work. The session is wrapped up with another game. We briefly address nutrition, so that kids start to identify foods that make them feel good and perform well. Finally, our kids develop self confidence and a sense of integrity from the individual effort and the group interaction. Classes are 40 minutes long.

“The benefits of CrossFit Kids are endless. My kids are developing stronger muscles and bones, learning the basics of muscle training and group fitness, and also that exercise can help clear their minds. It’s never too early to learn stress management through living a healthy life.”

-Suzanne Khoury, mother of four children under eight!

Teen Program – Ages 10-16

Mondays and Wednesdays from 4.25-5.10 PM (45 Minutes)

Cost: $100 per month, $15 per drop-in class

Crossfit KidsFor our bigger kids we warm up, teach a skill, and perform the Workout-of-the-Day followed by a game or challenge. Using weightlifting, gymnastics and cardiovascular training, our teens develop the skills of well rounded athletes.  The Teen Program makes kids healthy and fit.  It raises self esteem by building self confidence and strength in the body. It works wonders as a stand-alone strength and conditioning program, or as an addition to sport specific training. Classes are 45 minutes long.

“CrossFit has transformed Ethan’s self esteem and self image. His body has changed and he feels good about his appearance.  CrossFit has taught him about the diet and exercise combination that creates optimal health and wellness.  He is rarely sick anymore and feels stronger than ever.  During adolescents kids struggle with positive self image and Crossfit has given the gift of confidence to my son.”

-Julie Hahklotubbe

Teen Weightlifting AND CrossFit – Ages 13-17

(Back-to-back classes by invitation)

Mondays and Wednesdays from 3.45-5.10 PM (85 Minutes)

Cost: $120 per month, $20 per drop-in class

This class is a step up from Crossfit Teens.  It is a strength and conditioning program for 13-17 years olds. In this class your children will gain strength,  flexibility, improve their overall fitness and  have fun. The program combines age-appropriate weightlifting (barbells, kettlebells,) and gymnastics movements with high intensity training to deliver optimal fitness and performance. Proper weightlifting techniques are taught under the watchful eye of our Crossfit Kids certified trainers. In addition to increasing physical prowess this class boosts self-esteem both in and outside of the gym.

If your teenager is already an athlete this  program  takes them to the next level by teaching proper mechanics, recovery, movement, nutrition, and flexibility. We aim to create an all-around athlete that will excel at any sport or physical task.  If your teen is not an athlete, our program will help them establish healthy lifestyle habits and convert them from  sedentary to  active. You will see your teen transform quickly and they will be proud of their achievement as our teen program builds strength in the body and mind. Teens Weightlifting is committed to helping them achieve their goals in a fun, judgment free environment surrounded by peers.

The program is offered 2x per week.  We recommend your children also  attend the Crossfit Teens Classes offered on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Ideally the teen athlete will come in 2-3 times per week.

CrossFit YouthTo learn more about CrossFit Kids and the research and philosophy behind our program, please download the FREE CrossFit Kids Journal.

Not sure if this is for your children? Bring them in for a FREE class to try it out!

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CrossFit Kids