Wine Country CrossFit, Napa CA
CrossFit has instigated a total makeover in terms of drive, motivation and goals in my everyday life. It has taught me a lot about myself and capabilities I didn’t know I had. You can not put a price on that. CrossFit is more than a fitness regime, it is a lifestyle.

Julie Hahklotubbe - Owner, Choctaw Elder Care Facilities


Go Myka! Cleans and Slam Balls


If you’ve been working out with us for a year or more then you probably recognize these good lookers. They are Ryan Galovic and Myka Felt. This is her 2nd year as a Gold Rush Cheerleader, and since she has been with them the 49er’s have put in soaring performances! She is in New Orleans gearing up for the Super Bowl, and we wish her and the 49er’s mountains of success.

Go Myka!



Friday’s WOD:

Clean Work:  From Floor, full squat

AMRAP 12 Mins:

10 Slam Balls (50/25)
20 Walking lunge steps carrying your slam ball

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