Wine Country CrossFit, Napa CA
“I’ve done CrossFit for one month and my body is already stronger and I have more energy. Wine Country CrossFit is a great place to get an amazing workout, whatever your skill level or goals. The positive encouraging attitude is key, and the coaches are good about catering to each person.”

- Marcus Huynh, Wine Marketer, Kenzo Estate


You’ve Gotta See This!

So, I stumbled over this .gif the other day.  Watch it the whole way through, it gets better than the first couple of seconds lead you to believe.


Okay, now for some real good stuff.  How about 170 Scientific Reasons to Lose Soy in Your Diet


Monday’s Benchmark WOD:



Squat cleans (135/95# Rx)
Ring dips

Mandatory 17min cutoff.  Pick weight and scaling appropriately so that the athlete completes in under 17mins.

Compare to

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